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North Wiltshire's Brian Mathew with Duncan Hames MPLib Dems chose Aid Worker to end 'Gray Days' in North Wiltshire

North Wiltshire Liberal Democrats wish to announce after a very tight contest that Dr. Brian Mathew has been selected as Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Wiltshire in the 2015 General Election.

Constituency Chairman Marc Brown said "This was a closely fought contest with a very high turnout and two very able candidates. The constituency looks forward to a great campaign culminating in a successful result at the next General Election.

"I am very honoured to be selected by the North Wiltshire Liberal Democrats as their parliamentary candidate for the May 2015 General Election" said Dr. Brian Mathew. "The campaign is starting immediately, to take on and defeat James Gray MP. He does not even seem to be liked by his own party and we want voters from all parties join with us to see him gone at the next General Election".

Brian is an Aid worker living in Yatton Keynell, who won the selection vote 11th October 2013 in Chippenham. Dr. Mathew who has worked with WaterAid and the British Government's own development programme DFID, returned last year from East Timor where he had been with the Christian NGO World Vision working with communities to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

At the last general election he stood for North Somerset and increased the Lib Dem vote there from 15,000 to 20,687 giving the incumbent MP Dr. Liam Fox a good run for his money."The BBC called me while I was overseas and asked about Dr. Liam Fox after he was forced to step

Lib Dem Hustings 2013down" said Brian, "and I just said 'follow the money' I think there are still questions to be answered there, and of course he has just made rather a fool of himself by putting in a claim for just 3p in his expenses".

Now standing for North Wiltshire, Dr. Mathew said, "We will be on your doorsteps seeking your opinions on how to make the constituency a better place. Issues already on the books include consulting the people of Calne over the Hills recycling plant,possibly re-locating it to Junction 17 where transport links via the M4 make it a no brainer, compared with mega trucks driving through a number of County towns terrorising pedestrians, and other motorists and fouling the air".

Brian also commended on his colleague and opponent in the selection, Cllr Simon Killane from Malmesbury. "Simon is a great bloke doing a fantastic job on the Council, defending the Town from inappropriate development and at the same time a tireless community campaigner who has brought play parks and driven community involvement in local planning decisions including the new Waitrose supermarket, whilst protecting the town centre. He is also the head of Scrutiny at Wiltshire Council. We will be doing a lot of work together between now and the General Election. We have the European elections to campaign on the way. If Britain was to 'sleep walk' out of Europe, this area would suffer seriously as AirBus, Honda and BMW are such big employers locally" said Brian.

He went on to say "Our party slogan for the campaigns ahead are 'In Europe, in Work' for the European Elections and for the 2015 General Election 'A Stronger Economy and a fairer Society', and we mean it".

Previous PPC Councillor Paul Fox commented, "I have known Brian for a number of years and I know he'll make an excellent MP for North Wiltshire" and Mike Evemy said "I wish every success to the chosen candidate for the North Wiltshire Constituency."

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    Plans for tougher penalties against reckless directors have been unveiled by Business Secretary Vince Cable today.

    While the UK already has one of the strongest disqualification regimes in the world - with disqualification periods ranging from two years up to fifteen years for the worst offenders - the new measures will mean the rogue minority face stronger deterrents to break the law and more robust sanctions if they do.

  • Article: Apr 17, 2014

    I am confident that Lib Dems will be united in welcoming today's news that Vince Cable has put out a call for evidence on a new register of arms brokers. The proposed register would introduce tougher regulations on the arms trade and is yet another historic victory for the Lib Dems in government.

    Arms brokers act as intermediaries in many arms deals by bringing together potential buyers and sellers in return for a cut of the transaction. Currently UK companies require a license before they can export military goods, but brokers are somewhat of an unknown entity. Under the proposals all brokers will have to appear on a public registry, with possible requirements to attend training courses and suitability assessments.

  • Article: Apr 16, 2014

    New figures show the rate of unemployment has fallen below 7% for the first time since the recession. The number of people out of work dropped by 77,000 in the last three months, while total employment has seen the biggest annual jump in a generation.

    There are now more people in work than ever before, with nearly 0.7 million more people in employment since this time last year, showing that the Lib Dem plan to create a million jobs is working.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    The European Parliament has approved new rules to make big lorries safer for other road users and more fuel-efficient.

    Under changes pushed by Liberal Democrat MEPs, the design of lorry cabs are set to be changed to reduce the number of blind spots under the front widescreen and the side of the vehicle. The new designs would also include safer cab fronts to reduce damage caused by impacts with cyclists and pedestrians. It is thought the proposal could help prevent dozens of fatal accidents each year.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    Nick Clegg has called for the publication of the Chilcot report into the Iraq war, which identifies exactly what happened in the run-up to the conflict in Iraq.

    The Chilcot report includes about 200 cabinet-level discussions, 25 notes from Tony Blair to George W Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between the former US president and Tony Blair.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2014

    The former Speech Writer to Tony Blair said that he believes Nick Clegg is making a difference: "By stopping the Tory Right, the Deputy Prime Minister should be applauded by all liberal voters."

    Philip Collins worked as Tony Blair's Chief Speech Writer, responsible for Blair's very last speech as Leader of the Labour Party. In his article published today, he said that without the Lib Dems in Government, tax cuts for the wealthy would have been more generous. He points out that green taxes would be slashed harder, welfare cuts would be more severe, and there would be greater progress towards abolishing human rights legislation.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2014

    With Passover celebrations starting today, Nick Clegg wishes the Jewish Communities, within Britain and around the world, a happy Passover:


    "I want to wish Jewish Communities, within Britain and around the world, a happy and peaceful Passover.

    This is a time when families and friends gather round the Seder table to remember the struggles of the Jewish people to secure their freedom. Every year, they tell this story to their children so it is never forgotten.

    And what this ancient journey shows us is the enduring power of people to overcome even the greatest of adversity and build a better future together. And, during this celebration, we're reminded of all those people still suffering oppression, because of their religious beliefs, race or creed.

    That cannot be right and Passover is a chance for all of us to commit ourselves again to helping those -- of all faiths and none -- who face persecution around the world.

    It's also an opportunity for us to recognise the contribution Britain's Jewish Communities make to every area of our society

    Thank you and Chag Sameach."

  • Article: Apr 14, 2014

    Communities with ideas for a new generation of garden cities will receive support from the government to turn their ambitions into reality, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced today.

    A prospectus published today will help communities work up proposals for ambitious new developments, which are locally-led, include at least 15,000 homes and have the backing of existing residents.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2014

    It has been announced today that extended opening hours and enhanced local care for the elderly will soon be available at doctors' surgeries across many parts of the country, thanks to a new drive to improve local GP services.

    Millions of people will now be able to see their family doctor outside of working hours, including late night and weekend appointments, while the elderly and those with more serious health complaints will get tailored care, coordinated by just one local GP.

  • Article: Apr 13, 2014

    The UN's Intergovernmental panel con Climate Change (IPCC) has warned the world must rapidly move away from carbon-intensive fuels.

    In a significant report published today on how to curb climate change, the IPCC warns that global temperatures be between 3.7C and 4.8C higher in 2100 if no action is taken. This is significantly higher than the 2C level, regarded by experts as the point at which the impacts of climate change become dangerous.

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