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Dr Brian Mathew's Plan for a Better North Wiltshire

Manifesto 20191. BREXIT

Brexit has dominated the last three years of Parliament and paralysed it‎. Brexit worries means our economy has stagnated, pushed up prices and businesses working with Europe questioning being here so costing jobs. And it's not over yet.

If Brexit goes ahead then we face more confusion as the trade talks with Europe will go on for years. Three years ago, no one voted to be poorer, lose their job, be less safe, cut NHS doctors and nurses or fail to tackle the climate emergency. Brexit is a big mistake. Now we know the truth and facts, it must be stopped.

The Lib Dems will:

  • Stop Brexit by revoking Article 50 if we win a majority Government.
  • Work with other MPs for a People's Vote, giving an informed choice between the Leave deal and ‎Remaining in the EU, if we fail to win a majority.
  • Invest the "Remain Bonus" which independent experts value at least £50bn in vital public services and reducing inequality.
  • make it clear European citizens are welcome here to carry on their vital work, particularly in the NHS & social care that would be crippled without them.

Brexit chaos has frozen out action on other important issues like NHS funding, the climate emergency,‎ policing, schools, affordable housing and the future of social care.

As your MP I will work to stop Brexit either by revoking Article 50 or if that's not possible, I will work with other MPS to get a People's Vote when I will campaign for Remain.


Teachers and parents work hard to help their children do well at school. But Wiltshire schools are the 8th worst funded in the country. That means there are less teachers in our classrooms and more pressure on parents‎ to buy educational essentials.

The Lib Dems will Brian at Malmesbury School before talking to Year 12 students

  • Provide free child care from the age of 9 months
  • Treble the early years pupil premium that we created in government to pay schools £1,000 a year for every child from a poorer families

We need to attract the best people in teaching. We will:

  • Hire 20,000 extra teachers and pay them a £30,000 starting salary with every teacher guaranteed a 3 per cent annual pay rise.

A good education is essential. Every child should get the best possible start in life, with our teachers valued, rewarded and freed up from bureaucracy to teach our children.

As your MP,‎ I will fight for fair funding for our schools and proper pay and recognition for our teachers.


7. CrimeOur emergency services do a great job. Yet Wiltshire Police has the third lowest budget in Britain.

We have lost hundreds of Police Officers under the Conservatives, meaning less Police Officers out in our communities and one of the worst ‎burglary conviction rates in the country.

Wiltshire Conservatives have scrapped our Youth Service leaving‎ too many of our young people hanging around on streets, some falling prey to drug dealers and getting involved in violence.

The Lib Dems will‎

  • Invest £1bn to restore community policing that's another 37 police officers in North Wiltshire
  • Dedicate a £500m a year fund for councils like Wiltshire‎ to rebuild our youth service
  • Follow the best examples of success in tackling knife crime by getting‎ police officers, teachers, youth workers, and health and social service professionals to all work together.We need to feel safe in our homes and on our streets. Our young people need positive role models and opportunities.

As your MP, I will fight for fair funding for our Police and ensure Wiltshire Council takes up funding to rebuild our Youth Service


Local jobs are threatened by closure and cut back decisions from big employers like Honda in Swindon and Airbus in Bristol.

We also have innovative, green companies on our doorstep like Recycling Technologies. They need support to become the sustainable employers of the future.

Local people cannot get the support they need to retrain and upgrade their skills, start their own businesses, find the affordable homes they need or the public transport to get around.

The Lib Dems will:

  • ‎ provide a £130bn boost for green energy and public transport.
  • set aside £5bn for a new Green Investment Bank to back innovation in sustainable business.
  • establish a "start-up" allowance to help meet the costs of the early weeks of new businesses
  • provide every adult a £10,000 skills and education wallet to spend on their education and training.
  • build 300,000 houses a year including 100,000 new ‎social homes.

Brian and Frances Goldstone at Congrye Mead

I am a passionate environmentalist and have run my own business. With innovative businesses like Dyson and Recycling Technologies on our doorstep, we have the opportunity to make North Wiltshire a centre for sustainable business.

As your MP, I will campaign to end Wiltshire Conservatives'opposition to wind farms, support local green businesses and get more social housing and truly affordable ‎homes built to the highest green standards.


Brian outside the Great Western Hospital, SwindonDoctors, nurses and other caring professionals work hard for us. Yet our NHS, social care and mental health services are all in crisis. Operation waiting lists are getting longer and the latest performance figures for A&E treatment times are the worst ever. It is getting harder to see your GP, social care costs are soaring and people who need urgent mental health treatment have to wait for months and travel long distances.

The Lib Dems will

  • Put 1p on income tax to provided £7bn of dedicated, "future proofed", extra funding the NHS and social care need‎.
  • treat mental health and illness with the same priority as physical health, injury and ‎illness.
  • invest £10bn for vital equipment, hospital building and repair, ambulances and mental health ‎service buildings.
  • train ‎more GPS and enable them, nurses, physiotherapists, mental health and other care professionals to work more effectively together.

Good physical and mental health are vital to ‎our happiness. We need the best services possible to help when things go wrong.

As your MP, I will campaign to get the funding we need locally for our NHS, social care and mental health services.


Brian Mathew looking out onto the Box ValleyThe truth is that the climate emergency is real and with us. We have seen record rainfall and flash floods wrecking homes, businesses and lives here, as parts of the Amazon, Australia and California burn. We need urgent and effective action locally, nationally and internationally to tackle climate change and protect our environment.

The Lib Dems will:

  • Ensure 80% of our energy comes from renewables by 2030
  • Plant 60m trees a year to absorb CO2 and release oxygen
  • Set up a £5bn fund for Flood prevention and protection
  • Increase resources to those agencies charged to stopping pollution and protecting our landscape

North Wiltshire is a beautiful place and needs action to protect it, as does our planet‎. I am a passionate environmentalist and proud to have got Wiltshire Council to recognise the climate emergency and to produce a local action plan. As your MP I will prioritise urgent and real action to tackle‎ the climate emergency.